Live Guarantee, Refund Policy, And Shipping


Once payment has been received you can schedule to have your Gecko shipped by contacting us at or messaging us on Instagram or Facebook. 

Your Gecko will be dropped off last minute at our local FedEx Ship Center and shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight to limit the amount of time they spend in their shipping box.

Our shipping days are Monday- Thursday and we will only ship your Gecko when day and nighttime temperatures are between 38 and 85 degrees. If weather conditions do not permit shipping, we will hold onto your Gecko at no additional charge until conditions improve.

On your scheduled shipping day you will receive tracking information via the email you provided us at checkout. Your Gecko should arrive by 10:30 a.m. the following day but if you live in a remote area delivery could be later that day. 

Please notify us within (1) hour of delivery that you have received your Gecko. This is required for our LIVE ARRIVAL & 7-DAY HEALTH GUARANTEE to be valid. We cannot guarantee the health of your Gecko if they're left outside for hours after delivery. Please make sure you're there and able to receive them on your scheduled delivery day.

NOTE: Shipments must be scheduled at least 1 business day in advance.

NO SHIP DATES: We cannot ship the week after holiday (Black Friday, Christmas) due to the high possibility of package delays at this time. We are happy to care for your gecko until we can safely ship them to you.

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