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I have a crocodile skink from them and she is an absolute beauty and extremely healthy. I also just recently got one of there sweatshirts and stickers. Great customer service and they respond quickly which I love!


Awesome to deal with! My red eye crocodile skink arrived quickly, happy and healthy! She has already eaten and seems comfortable in her new home!


The whole experience with this company has been a pleasant one. We went back and forth a lot before I finally purchased a gecko, I wanted to make sure I supported someone who cares for there animals and was ethical and knowledgeable. Titan got to my home today and was so friendly right away. It‘s clear to me that he was very loved and cared for and I am so happy that he seems to enjoy my company as much as I do his. 10/10 recommend from both me and Titan


Chris is an awesome guy to work with! Great customer service and responds back very quickly. I’m super pleased with the quality of the gecko I had received (black night snow) darker in person than I thought she be!


También agradecemos al Criadero Geckopia @thegeckopia por esos hermosos ejemplares 🙌 y el excelente trato.


They have the most beautiful geckos for reasonable price.


Yes I highly recommend, especially when looking for a Red Eyed Crocodile Skinks. I bought 3 from Geckopia and transactions went smoothly, very helpful, trust worthy and will help u in any way to make sure that the skinks u bought are safe and in a good environment and responds to every question u ask even if it's 100 or a million questions they will help in any way truly but highly recommend them.


Super easy to order from the Geckopia website. Received immediate email follow-ups and information about shipping came a few days before ship. The gecko looks amazing. Couldn't be happier! Thank you, Chris!


Absolutely a joy working with Geckopia! I had a good amount of questions and follow up questions.He was quick, responsive, and very polite!!My shipping experience with FedEx was extremely stressful and horrible! But no fault of Geckopia! Would buy again



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