Geckopia's Signature Nutritious Feeder 

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Hornworms are ideal for reptiles due to their high moisture content, easily digestible nature, and nutritional value, offering protein and essential nutrients. With a favorable calcium to phosphorus ratio, they support bone health, and their movement stimulates reptiles' appetite. Hornworms contribute to dietary variety and hydration, making them a valuable addition to a well-rounded reptile diet.

😋 Great for Treat
💪 Easy to Digest
✨ Easy to Hunt, Visible
🍃 Odorless


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Nutrition Fact

Moisture - 85%

Protein — 9%

Fat — 3.07%

Fiber — n/a

Ash — n/a

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee ✨

Geckopia offers replacement or issue a credit to your account if the feeder is dead on arrival. 

If your temps are below 45 or above 85° you must choose "Hold for Pickup" in the options for live delivery guarantee!

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