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Geckopia Triple Dish

$22.46 USD

Why is Geckopia Triple Dish is the #1 Reptile Dish? What makes them better than other types of gecko dish?

The Geckopia Triple Dish is specially designed to make the feeding experience easy for geckos, including those with disabilities, to consume food, water, and calcium supplements.

Simply Place it in your gecko's preferred location and watch as they enjoy their food, water, and calcium all in one spot. One triple dish is all it takes to make your gecko's day!

Bio-degradable products (Green Plastic) - Our "Geckopia Triple Dish" is constructed out of PLA plastic using only plant-based materials from sources like sugar cane or corn. Not only does it smell fresh, but it is safe for your animals as well as for the environment.

Save Space (All-In-One) - One Geckopia Triple Dish Got it all! It comes with a Mealworm dish, Reptile Water Dish, and Reptile Calcium Dish. All in one product. Therefore, it saves a ton of space for your gecko and they can now runs around more spaces.

Multiple functions - Geckos need three different consumable resources to survive when it's kept in captivity. Food, Water, Supplements (Calcium & vitamin). Why not have three resources in one dish altogether! This triple dish is practical and stylish in every way. 

Durable Bases are durable and appropriate for any style of entertaining your gecko.


Which Gecko can I use this to?Leopard Gecko, African Fat-Tailed Gecko, Crested Gecko, Tokay Gecko, Gargoyle Gecko, and etc. You name it! Anything that's close to your hand size or smaller can all use our Reptile Dish.

How to wash them?Our Reptile Dish is made with Plant Plastic. They are prone to heat and hot water. * Please always wash them at cold or room temperature water so it doesn't deform or damage the product.


Product Dimension:

4.5" X 2.75" X 2.6" (11.5 X 7.1 X 7cm)

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Geckopia Triple Dish

$22.46 USD

Is this completely washable?

Yes, it is completely washable. "Triple Dish is made out of plant plastics, so It's prone to hot water". Please wash it with care in cold or room temperature water

Can I use this dish for another reptiles?

Yes, you can use our dish for (Leopard Gecko, African Fat-Tailed Gecko, Crested Gecko, small lizards, and more)

Does it come with lid?

Yes, Marble, Wood, Olive, Black will come with the latest version of lid and the rest other colors will be come with previous model lid design.

What's Inside the Box? 📦

Triple dish and a freebie sticker

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Body Alignment & Comfort

Leopard geckos need calcium to stay healthy and avoid diseases like Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD).

Our specially designed calcium bowl makes it easy for them to get the calcium they need.

It's designed specifically for geckos, so they can eat comfortably while staying in good posture.