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Geckopia Premium Reptile Liner

$29.87 USD
Size12" X 12" (v2) - Vertical

Every day, hundreds of new reptile parents pick bedding without knowing enough about it..

This often cause problems like blockage ingestion, skin shedding issues, infections, and fleas on their pet's skin. Sadly, as new reptile parents, we often don't realize what we're doing wrong. This can lead to scary situations and make us want to quit taking care of reptiles altogether.

Since that day, we've embarked on our journey to develop the easiest bedding for reptiles that is washable and provides many benefits for your pets.

No More Ingestion Problem – Sand mats cause impaction issues for a gecko’s intestine and digestive system. With Geckopia’s Reptile Liner, the likelihood of bacterial infection, impaction, and other medical issues decrease significantly.

Sharp Teeth and Claws are Now Free– This premium liner is crafted from exceptionally thin strings, making it very easy to disentangle teeth or claws incase if it gets caught.

No More Germ – Unlike other bedding options where geckos will end up sitting in their waste, a fleece mat can be spot cleaned with ease. You don’t have to worry about your gecko roaming around in dirty bedding. It is absorbent and dries quickly.

Save Money – Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on disposable bedding products, you can wash this fleece liner and reuse it. How efficient!

Helping Environment for Wildlife – Finally, we don’t have to waste trees on kitchen towels. When you buy this product, you are actively helping our planet!



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**We discovered that all enclosures are labeled with sizes slightly larger than their actual dimensions. So, if you notice a 1 or 2-inch difference from your enclosure size, This size is what you should go for.

10& 15 Gallon: 19.5" X 9.75" (50cm x 25cm)

30 Gallon: 24" X 11.75" (60.7cm x 30.5cm)

40 Gallon: 35.5" X 17.25" (90cm x 44cm)

Breeder Adult Tub (Racks Use, 5ct): 14-3/4" x 10-1/8" (32cm x21.5cm) 

Vertical Tank 12" X 12" (28.3cm x 28.3cm)

Vertical Tank 18" X 18" (42.5cm x 42.5cm)

20 Gallon 24" X 18" (57.5cm x 42.5cm)

20 Gallon 29" X 11.5" (74cm x 29.5cm)

120 Gallon 4' X 2' X 2" (118.5cm x 57.25cm)

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Geckopia Premium Reptile Liner

$29.87 USD

Which reptiles can I use this for?

Any desert reptiles would be a ideal! (Ex. Bearded dragons, Leopard gecko, Uromastyx, Chuckwalla, African fat-tailed gecko, Collared lizards, Desert Iguana, Tortoise, and Ball python.

Would my reptile’s claws and teeth be safe?

The design and material of this product is made with reptiles in mind. The fiber strands are incredibly thin, making it exceptionally simple to untangle claws and teeth incase they bite down the liner during the hunting process.

Is this completely machine washable?

Absolutely! Low heat and tumble dry would be our recommendation while washing our liners. (Please note: Warm water will cause shrinking and shorten the lifespan of your liner.)

Does it flip easily?

The natural rubber is constructed to keep its position no matter how actively your reptile moves around.

How often do I need to wash?

We always recommend deep wash after a week. (Hand wash and natural dry helps liner last longer.)

My liner doesn't fit in my enclosure, can I return them?

Yes! You can return all our liners within 30 days after you receive the liner as long as the liner is not used.

Is it compatible with heat pad or heat tape?

Yes, also top of that it has a natural rubber layer that is engineered to mitigate rapid temperature spikes from heat pads or heat tape malfunctions, providing you with crucial extra time to safeguard your reptile.

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Comfy liner bedding:Living in heaven

Reptiles are delicate and fragile creatures! To support their needs, Geckopia thoughtfully and strategically created the modern ideal bedding to provide a most comfortable bedding for reptiles everywhere. This crucial concept caters to their comfort and is essential in supporting reptile's health.

New beggining: It’s Their Whole World

This isn't just a carpet for reptiles. Reptiles spend their whole life in a limited space. The bedding you choose ultimately determines the quality of your reptile’s life. This is why, at Geckopia, we dedicate our lives to continually improve and innovate for a reptile’s world!


In use at

It's incredibly convenient for preventing wound infections after reptiles surgery.