Geckopia Premium Reptile Liner
Geckopia Premium Reptile Liner
Geckopia Premium Reptile Liner
Geckopia Premium Reptile Liner
Geckopia Premium Reptile Liner
Geckopia Premium Reptile Liner
Geckopia Premium Reptile Liner

Geckopia Premium Reptile Liner

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30-Day Guarantee •Odor & Bacteria Resistant •Bio-degradable Material

At Geckopia, we know how hard you work to keep your scaly pet healthy. That's why we've created premium bedding that reduces odor and bacteria in the enclosure. Check out the details below!

Safe and Healthy – Sand mats cause impaction issues for a gecko’s intestine and digestive system. With Geckopia’s Reptile Liner, the likelihood of bacterial infection, impaction, and other medical issues decrease significantly.

Clean – Unlike other bedding options where geckos will end up sitting in their waste, a fleece mat can be spot cleaned with ease. You don’t have to worry about your gecko roaming around in dirty bedding. It is absorbent and dries quickly.

Economical – Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on disposable bedding products, you can wash this fleece liner and reuse it. How efficient!

Eco-Friendly – Finally, we don’t have to waste trees on kitchen towels. When you buy this product, you are actively helping our planet!



10& 15 Gallon: 19.5" X 9.75" (50cm x 25cm)

30 Gallon: 24" X 11.75" (60.7cm x 30.5cm)

40 Gallon: 35.5" X 17.25" (90cm x 44cm)

We're on a mission to set new eco-friendly standards.

Machine washable

Claws & teeth safe

Reduce bacteria and odor

The only reptile liner that is designed to last longest.

Clean feet, keep your pet happy

Geckopia Liner beats every other reptile carpet, any day

Frequently asked questions


Which reptiles can I use this for?

Any desert reptiles would be a ideal! (Ex. Bearded dragons, Leopard gecko, Uromastyx, Chuckwalla, African fat-tailed gecko, Collared lizards, Desert Iguana, Tortoise, and Ball python.


Is this completely machine washable?

Absolutely! Low heat and tumble dry would be our recommendation while washing our liners. (Please note: Warm water will cause shrinking and shorten the lifespan of your liner.)


Would my reptile’s claws and teeth be safe?

The design and material of this product is made with reptiles in mind. It's very safe for their claws, teeth and overall health.


Does it flip easily?

The natural rubber is constructed to keep its position no matter how actively your reptile moves around.


How often do I need to wash?

We always recommend deep wash after a week. (Hand wash and natural dry helps liner last longer.)


My liner doesn't fit in my enclosure, can I return them?

Yes! You can return all our liners within 30 days after you receive the liner as long as the liner is not used.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Geckopia offers "7-day No Question Asked Return on Exchange" and "30 days Free Return" to every product purchased.

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United States United States

Easy, Washable, Safe

This mat is perfect for my snakes cage. With the cost of most substrates going up lately I wanted another option to use. I thought about just using indoor/outdoor carpeting but then realized it’s not really washable since the edges would fray terribly. Plus I learned that there can be chemicals used in making those rugs that could be dangerous to my snake. This mat is perfect! Soft, clean, holds a little warmer for her without the issues of possible wood chips being ingested.

Geckopia Geckopia Reptile Liner Review
Yanice S.
United States United States

Fits my 50 long gallon well

This is a pretty nice mat, it’s perfect for my bearded dragon tank. It’s nice and thick, and has a nice color to it; which goes really well in my tank. My beardie seems happy and runs around in it.

Geckopia Geckopia Reptile Liner Review
Jillana S.
United States United States

Best for bearded dragons!

I love these so much! They fit my bearded dragon's 40 gallon breeder tank perfectly (some other 40 gallon reptile carpets don't fit the breeder size tanks, check dimensions carefully)!!! My little guy seems to like them and doesn't try to eat them as he has constantly whenever I've experimented with various substrates. Cleanup is a breeze as they can be washed in the washing machine. I had times live feeder insects climb under the sides to hide with other mats but this has never been the issue for this liner. Surprisingly good material and design!

Karl G.
United States United States

My Gecko Approves

PROS: + Washable / Reusable + Light Brown is more natural color for Leopard Gecko + non-slip rubber bottom + Good Packaging CONS: -Fits my tank a little oddly. -Orange Tag is **** Review: This reptile liner is much nicer than the cheap green liner i used to have. I can tell my gecko likes the color and feel better because he walks around more now than he did before. I think he likes it. I hope it holds up well when i wash it for the first time. I will update my review after washing.

Geckopia Geckopia Reptile Liner Review
United States United States

Amazing mat!!!

Fit the tank slightly bigger but they did that intentionally to allow for shrinkage during washing. Esthetically pleasing color and lays flat unlike the felt/fuzzy **** brown ones from Petsmart or Amazon. Having the rubber bottom make such a difference in look because it doesnt pop up and keeps the crickets from getting under it. I will eventually order another so i can swap them between washes but for now, I'll just wash it while he's out of the cage.

Geckopia Geckopia Reptile Liner Review