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Which accessory is the best suited for sticky feet geckos?

Which accessory is the best suited for sticky feet geckos?
As a gecko parent, we always want to give out the best products for our pets so they can thrive in their enclosure. The fact that you are taking the time to research and read this blog already proves that you are on your way to becoming a great gecko parent!
Better items you have in the enclosure could entertain your geckos more and be happy. We deeply appreciate you making the effort to visit our website, and finding this blog.

There are many benefits to switching from traditional forest branch to reptile flex bridge for your gecko’s accessory. Not only is it beneficial for your geckos but for your wallet as well!


  1. Bigger space to hang around and eat. Traditional forest branches and vines are often too narrow for mid to big size geckos to sit comfortably. Y
  2. Easy to keep clean. At the same time, when enclosure is kept humid for sticky feet reptiles, we often see mold growing on the branches and it could slowly spread a bacteria infection to your gecko. With Gecko Flex Bridge, it is water resistance so if they accidentally excrete, you can easily wipe it down with water and towel so it’s very easy to clean and easy to prevent molds.
  3. Easily adjustable. No matter which enclosure you use. You can simply cut our Reptile Flex Bridge according to your needs. It is light weight and very sturdy so your gecko may rest assure everything will be very safe when there are sitting on the bridge.
  4. Reusable and promise the quality: not like other branches, all our products are the same as what it is described on the page.
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Here is a quick video that you can watch to learn more about Geckopia Flex Bridge.


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