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Top 5 Essentials for Your Crested Gecko

Top 5 Essentials for Your Crested Gecko

Top 5 Essentials for Your Crested Gecko

Crested geckos are low-maintenance pets that are well-suited for novice owners and even kids. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to get any essentials for them — you absolutely do!

It’s important to get these beautiful pets, often called the eyelash geckos (thanks to their unique eyelashes!), everything they need to stay happy and thriving. 

So, we have put together this post talking about the top 5 essentials you must get for your crested gecko. 

Let’s dive in. 


Must-Have Essentials for Your Crested Gecko

  1. Flex Bridge 

Your reptile needs something to hang around inside the enclosure — and that’s where Geckopia’s Flex Bridge comes into play. 

The Flex Bridge is a safe and secure place for your gecko to hang around, and even have its dinner, thanks to the built-in food bowl. 

The Flex Bridge can be cut easily with any kitchen knife, so it fits perfectly well into the enclosure. Furthermore, it’s waterproof, so you can rinse and clean it with water whenever it gets dirty — also keeping bacteria and other germs away. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t lose its sturdiness for a long, long time. So, your small investment lasts you a lifetime!

  1. Tree House 

Your gecko also needs a safe and sound “home” to lay low — and that’s where Geckopia’s Tree House comes in handy. 

This hide has enough space for two geckos to cuddle around. Plus, it’s comfortable and super easy to clean. 

  1. Geckopia Bowl 

If you want to clean the food bowl often (which you absolutely should!), Geckopia’s removable food bowl comes in handy. 

The package contains a pack of 3 bowls, which you can use to serve any kind of food to your little crested friend. The best part is, you can remove the bowl with ease and clean it whenever you want. 

  1. Eco Earth Substrate

Crested geckos prefer spending most of their time on a substrate — that’s why it’s important to pick the right one. 

We found Zoo Med’s Eco Earth quite a solid option. It’s made out of coconut husk fiber, which is a safe option if your gecko ever swallows it. 

Furthermore, another benefit of it is that it keeps fungus and mold away, which also helps in keeping bad odor away. 

  1. Calcium Plus 

It’s important to pick the right supplement for your gecko, as most of them contain a high amount of Vitamin D3, while Crested geckos don’t need that much. At the same time, providing some level of Vitamin and Calcium is essential, as feeding insects alone won’t be enough. 

During our research, we found Repashy’s Calcium Plus a solid option in this regard. It has all the necessary Vitamins, Calcium, and trace minerals to complete your gecko’s diet. 

While something like Pangea’s Gecko Complete diet is your gecko’s primary food source, Calcium Plus is more like a supplement for added energy and to fulfill calcium and vitamin requirements. 


Final Thoughts

So, there you have it — these are the top essentials you must-have for your little crested buddy. 

Remember, don’t miss out on any of those, they help your gecko stay healthy, grow faster, and even stay happy. 

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