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Being a reptile parent is not easy. Your little friend needs a lot of care, and it is your job to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

The one thing that your reptile interacts with the most after the feeding and watering bowls is the substrate. It is both the ground your reptile walks on and the bed it sleeps in.

There are many choices for substrates, from sand to paper towels to carpets & liners and eco earth to moss. The most appealing of these, though, are reptile liners. This is due to their convenience and reusability.

What Are Reptile Liners?

Simply put, reptile liners are mats of woven material that have been made specifically to line the bottom of your reptile’s terrarium and act as the substrate.

But of course, they are more than just mats. Reptile liners work to absorb the water and excrement, deodorize the terrarium, and keep your reptile comfortable.

What Makes Reptile Liners So Popular?

The reason for the popularity of reptile liners lies in the convenience they bring to your life as a reptile parent. Unlike loose substrate, reptile liners are easy to put down and remove. They retain dirt and excrement and can be washed easily. They are more cost-effective due to their longevity and reusability. All in all, a good liner could save you both money and hassle in maintaining your reptile’s home.

Can’t I Just Use a Carpet than liner?

While getting any old carpet and using it as a substrate might be tempting, it would probably not be the best option for your reptile’s health. Carpets, even those specifically designed for reptiles, have a few distinct disadvantages.

First off, they leak. While the carpet will absorb the water and excrement, some will pass through. This means you’ll have to clean the terrarium floor every time, which defeats the purpose of having the carpet in the first place.

Also, carpets aren’t as easily washable and even tend to shed over time which could be a potential health risk if your reptile ingests the loose threads.

What Qualities Should a Good Reptile Liner Have?

There are a few things that make or break a reptile liner.

  • Safety Hazards: The first and most crucial factor to consider before making your purchase is safety. The liner should not shed, period! Any loose threads are a hazard.
  • Odor Resistance and Ease of Cleaning: The reptile liner must be easy to clean and work to reduce odors in the terrarium. The liner should also have a good backing and should not let liquids leak through.
  • Comfort Above All Else: For your beloved pet, the liner needs to be absolutely comfortable. If it’s scratchy or catches on your reptile’s nails, it’s not a good liner, no matter how easy it is to clean. A good liner should also have a material that reduce bad bacteria from feces and should be absorbent so reptiles don’t accidently step on the dirty feces. The backing of the reptile liner should also not get squished while your reptile is moving about.

Beyond these must-haves, a few things make a liner more ideal. For example:

  • Biodegradability: The more sustainable the reptile liner is, the better so we can help environment better place for wild animals is the nature by reducing waste.
  • Aesthetics: Of course, the terrarium is for your reptile first, but if it looks good, that’s an added bonus for you as the reptile parent.

What Makes the Geckopia Reptile Liner Stand Out?

While a relatively new entrant into the space, the Geckopia Reptile Liner might be the perfect in reptile bedding category. This reptile liner is biodegradable and made from bamboo fibers so it which reduce the chance of reptiles acquiring any bacteria-related disease, ranging from respiratory to conjunctivitis. The properties also minimize odor build up. Not only this, but it is three layers thick, while most of the available reptile liners are single-layered.

Its natural rubber backing is waterproof and prevents liquids and excrement from leaking. As an added bonus, the backing keeps the liner in place and prevents it from squishing while the reptile moves around.

The product is odor resistant and can be machine washed easily, making it super easy to clean.

The reptile liner has been designed specifically for all desert reptiles and is super sand soft and smooth, so you can rest easy your reptile's nails and teeth won't get caught in the liner.

Not only this, but the classy look of this reptile liner really brings a sense of style to the terrarium, all while lasting about six times longer than most competing reptile liners.

The only con of this reptile liner is that its price is higher than the competitors, which is quite understandable since it is made using only premium quality materials to ensure the safety of all reptiles. However, the durability is so strong that as a long term it will be more economical since you don’t have to frequently buy new regular reptile carpets.

Final Words

There you have it; a complete guide to why you need reptile liners for your beloved scaly friend! Wondering where you can get the most comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and secure reptile liner? Well, we have it at Geckopia store, we got you covered!

Just let us know what quantity and size you require, and you’ll have it shipped right away within the next day plus 30 days full refund guarantee if your reptile doesn’t like our liner! Try them out today! Your gecko will be so happy than ever.

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