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The Beginning and Our Mission

The Beginning and Our Mission

Hello Geckopia Family!

I am Chris, the founder and CEO of Geckopia. I want to take a moment to share how Geckopia began and what we do here.

When I first met my leopard gecko, Ganzie, I will admit I did not know how to best take care of him. In those early days, I kept him in a small glass enclosure and only fed him mealworms and water even though he was a fully-grown adult.

Now, it has been two years since I founded Geckopia. From the beginning, my goal with Geckopia has been to share our favorite geckos with the community and to educate gecko-owners on how to improve the well-being, happiness, and health of their geckos. I envision Geckopia as a place where people can access our premium products and recognize gecko ownership as an amazing and fulfilling hobby!

Our first product was the Geckopia Triple Dish. Previously, I noticed that big box stores only sold separate containers and customers would have to buy numerous bowls to satisfy the needs of the animals while DIYers had the right idea but lacked the resources to create optimal products. And so, we created the Geckopia Triple Dish to provide geckos with a high-quality, efficient, and affordable feeding option!

All geckos deserve to live a happy and healthy life. I want to help other gecko-owners by providing the support and knowledge needed to best care for their geckos. I would also love to hear your tips and comments on how you best care for your beloved gecko friends. I read all the messages that come through our website, email, Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook pages. Please do not hesitate to provide ideas and feedback!

Let’s show everyone how fulfilling it is to care for geckos! Geckos will thrive when we are in this together!

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