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Leopard Gecko vs. Crested Gecko: WHICH PET IS RIGHT FOR YOU?

Leopard Gecko vs. Crested Gecko: WHICH PET IS RIGHT FOR YOU?

No matter whether you’re an experienced gecko owner or a first-timer, leopard geckos and crested geckos would serve you well. These easy-to-handle geckos require minimum parenting and don’t need particular environments either. 

Simply put, both of these are equally popular among people. 

But if you want to lean towards only one of them, you must be wondering which one to go for.
In that case, this post would be a life-saver for you! 

Read till the end to find out everything you need to know. 

But, before we begin…

Be noted that none of the two options is technically better than the other. Both of them have their pros and cons — and you would want to pick the one that fits your needs, wants, and ability to take care of them. 

That said, let’s begin with an introduction to both these types. 


Crested geckos 

The crested gecko is a low-maintenance pet that requires minimum attention from you. It can survive in normal conditions and you don’t have to prepare a special “home” for it. 

When a crested gecko is fully grown, it can be 7 to 9 inches long including the tail. Ideally, it will live anywhere from 15 to 20 years. When a female is paired with a male and it produces eggs, the lifespan could be decreased. 

Crested geckos eat insects, fruits, and specialized food made specifically for geckos. 


Leopard gecko 

Just like a crested gecko, a leopard gecko doesn’t require a lot of maintenance either. It comfortably falls into the “easy maintenance” category. 

When fully grown, a leopard gecko could be 8 to 10 inches long including the tail. In terms of the lifespan, it can live up to 20 years. Just like crested geckos, the life of a female could be reduced when it’s paired with a male and produces eggs. 

Leopard geckos eat insects, like waxworms, mealworms, and gut-loaded crickets. 


Pros of owning a crested gecko 

Here are the perks you get by owning a crested gecko. 

  • They require minimum maintenance. 
  • You can find them in a variety of beautiful morphs. 
  • Their temperament is pretty domicile, and they can even develop affection for their owner. 
  • Not that difficult to find and are widely accepted as pets. 
  • If they bite someone, it will be pretty mild and won’t even draw a drop of blood. 


Pros of owning a leopard gecko

Here are the top benefits of owning a leopard gecko. 

  • They are easy to handle. 
  • There’s no lack of beautiful morphs to choose from. 
  • They’re active and energetic, which makes it incredibly fun to look at them lurk around. 
  • They’re affordable and easily available. 
  • They don’t need a lot of cage maintenance. 


A few other things to consider

If a leopard gecko loses its tail, it will grow it back — but a crested gecko won’t. Alongside that, crested geckos are more active at night, so if you’re a normal human being who works during the day and sleeps at night, you may not be able to see them at their most active. 

On the other hand, leopard geckos could be comparatively harder to feed as they only eat insects and not box food like crested geckos. 

If you go with a leopard gecko, you’ll also need a heat mat — but not in the case of a crested gecko. You’d need a vertical enclosure for a crested gecko and a horizontal one for a leopard. So, if you already have one of those two enclosures, getting a matching gecko may save you the investment in a new enclosure. 

When choosing one of those, keep these additional factors in mind. 


We have various example photos on our website that you may like.

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