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Do Leopard Geckos Recognize its Owner?

Do Leopard Geckos Recognize its Owner?

Leopard geckos are sweet, loving, and caring. But before they get to that point, there’s usually a stage in which they’re not so sweet and loving until they get used to you. This stage usually happens when first bringing them home and can take some time to get past it, but with enough commitment, it’s worth it.

Most leopard gecko owners wonder if their geckos recognize them or get attached to them. Actually, they don't get attached, but they do start to recognize you’re scent the more you’re around them. This is why sometimes owners who have owned their leopard gecko for a very long time have gotten attacked when wearing a new cologne or fragrance.

If you want your gecko to recognize you as their owner, allow them to get used to your smell. There are a few ways to go about this. You can handle your leopard gecko more. Keep in mind that you should wash your hands before and after handling, so your scent is subject to your soap. An alternative way to getting your leopard gecko to know your scent better is to put something that has your scent in the terrarium. Consider an old rag or washcloth, a piece of clothing, or even just mashed paper towels. 

It may seem as if a leopard gecko could get attached to you by the way they behave around you once they’ve had enough time to realize you’re not a threat.  But really, they’re likely just used to the natural scent that you carry instead.

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