Female Dubia Roaches
Female Dubia Roaches

Female Dubia Roaches

Geckopia's Signature Nutritious Feeder 

$9.99 USD

Dubia roaches are a popular feeder insect for reptiles due to their high nutritional value. They are a great source of protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients that reptiles need to thrive. Additionally, dubia roaches have a soft exoskeleton, making them easy to digest and less likely to cause impaction. They are also low maintenance and don't produce odor, making them a convenient and pleasant option for reptile owners.

😋 Very Nutritious
💪 Easy to Digest
✨ Long-lived
🍃 Odorless


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Nutrition Fact

Moisture - 65%

Protein — 23.4%

Fat — 7.2%

Fiber — 2.9%

Ash — 1.2%

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