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Why do leopard geckos eat their shed skin?

Why do leopard geckos eat their shed skin?

Geckos will eat their shed skin almost every time they shed. They do this for a variety of reasons:

When geckos shed, they lose lots of nutrients and minerals through the lost skin. Eating their shed skin can help them get some of these nutrients back. This will help them to generate a new, tough protective layer in the future.

Another reason is that eating their shed skin is actually a survival instinct in the wild—leaving their shed skin may attract predators, since it would usually be kept near the gecko's den, leading predators right to them! Geckos eat their shed skin so they don't get detected by predators even though there are no predators in your home!

TMI: "Juvenile leopard geckos tend to shed more often and they shed less as they become adults. One of the main reasons is that as the size gets bigger, the old skin expands and geckos need to remove their old skin to improve better blood circulation."

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