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How Many Mealworms Can I Feed My Leopard Gecko?

How Many Mealworms Can I Feed My Leopard Gecko?

For a new leopard gecko owner, one of the most common questions we receive is on gecko feeding. We have created a simple guide below on how to feed your gecko a healthy and nutritious diet!


  • Baby leopard geckos should be fed 2-3 small crickets or mealworms daily until they reach around 15 grams or four inches.
  • Subadult leopard geckos can be fed up to 6 or 7 every other day with medium sized crickets or mealworms.
  • Adult leopard geckos (fully-grown when they weight about 40 – 50 grams) can be fed large crickets and mealworms two to three times a week.


When feeding, you might ask, “what would be the best size meal for my leopard geckos?” To prevent choking and promote safe eating habits, make sure to cut crickets and mealworms in half before feeding your gecko.


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If you feel like your gecko is still hungry after feeding, you can simply set up a feeder dish like the Geckopia Triple Dish. We recommend the Geckopia Triple Dish because it helps geckos to access everything, they need in one spot. This makes it much easier for geckos who may be timid to get all their daily dietary needs!

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