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How Do I know If My Crested Gecko is Shedding?

How Do I know If My Crested Gecko is Shedding?

You're not alone if you're wondering how to tell if your Crested Gecko is shedding. It's an important indicator of their overall health, so knowing how to spot the signs can help you make sure your little buddy is getting the care they need.

Crested geckos will shed their skin about once every 6-8 weeks, but this can vary depending on their age, diet, and environment.

1. Less active & Loss of appetite

The first sign that a gecko will shed is that it will seem lethargic and less active than usual. If you notice your crested gecko is not eating as much as they used to, they are probably about to shed their skin. Crested geckos are not big eaters, but they will experience a significant decrease in appetite when it’s time to shed. So, when you notice your pet shunning that juicy cricket for days, they are probably about to ditch their old skin for a new one.

2. Paler skin

Once they start shedding, you'll notice that their coloration looks paler than usual—this is because they're losing pigment from their skin as it comes off. They also tend to eat their shed skins as they come off (at first, it seems gross but actually helps them get all the nutrients they need!), so keep an eye out for little pieces of discarded skin around your gecko's habitat (and yes, this means maybe cleaning those corners more often).

3. Trouble sticking

As the shedding time gets closer, they may also have trouble sticking to surfaces and climbing walls in their enclosure—the skin on their feet is dryer than usual because it's starting to loosen up and come off!


Do these if your gecko is having a hard time shedding

While they're shedding, to prevent any stuck sheds, try adding more humidity in their cage. You can do this by keeping the fogger on a little longer at night and/or spraying their cage more than usual. You can also add a shedding box with damp moss or paper towels. This will help them shed their skin entirely and prevent any problems with restricted blood flow from a stuck shed.


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