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Can Leopard Gecko House Male and Female together?

Can Leopard Gecko House Male and Female together?

When you go to a pet store full of Leopard Gecko, you will easily see a lot of them in a large display enclosure, and they are often piled on top of each other, vying for good hiding places. It can be interesting that Leopard Geckos can live together in the same house, but there are many caveats as follows:


1. This isn’t natural. In nature, leopard geckos are solitary creatures. This means they typically do not choose to live in groups. They’ll prefer much the same in captivity. Sure, they get together to mate, but it’s not like they have cozy little family units.

And we notice,

• Leopard Gecko Sex

• Leopard Gecko Size

• Enclosure size

• Leopard Gecko Health


2. Female/Female

When two females are together, it can be interesting because they are gentler and get along better than males, and two females are safer.

But you need to note its size should not be too different from each other. This sometimes they will snatch each other's food, the living space is lacking, and uncomfortable for the two females to best develop.


3. Male/Male

Oh, what a bad idea! Because two males will tend to fight with each other like solitary creatures. And fighting between two males can result in injuries. They will stress each other out and grab for each other’s food, and it will almost always end in the same way.

4. Male/Female

Only put a male and female together if you want to breed them. But these needs to be supervised because males can always scramble for food from the females. And this immediately affects the health and makes the female more stressed, or the repeated eggs will eventually reduce her lifespan.

If a male and female leopard gecko is kept together, their natural instinct is to breed. When two male leopard geckos are kept together, their natural instinct is to fight. If you want lots of baby geckos or eggs, keep the female with the male.


 But it is recommended that if you can afford it, let them stay alone so that they can best take care of and monitor the growth and health of each individual.



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