Gecko Potty Pad - Scraper (3 Pack)
Gecko Potty Pad - Scraper (3 Pack)
Gecko Potty Pad - Scraper (3 Pack)
Gecko Potty Pad - Scraper (3 Pack)
Gecko Potty Pad - Scraper (3 Pack)

Gecko Potty Pad - Scraper (3 Pack)

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Bio-degradable products (Green Plastic) - Our "Gecko Potty Pad" is constructed out of PLA plastic using only plant-based materials from sources like sugar cane and corn. Not only does it smell fresh, but it is safe for your animals as well as for the environment.

Gecko Potty Training Pads - Leopard geckos naturally good at picking a spot to poop in one area. If you find your gecko pooping in multiple corners or all over the places, don't worry, they just need to get trained with our Potty pad!

Remove Feces (Poop) - Some geckos may poop in a place we've never thought of and sometimes we have to wet their feces to wipe out the poop. The Geckopia Potty Pad is there to help ease those feces by scraping it off. Scrapers are strong and easy to clean with any brush while washing it off.


"Geckoplace" attachable -  You can also attach our Potty pad under one of our products called Gecko place, you can use a wet kitchen towel or mosses to create a humid hide for your geckos. Multiple functions that will assist your geckos live fullest.

Made in USA

Product Dimension:

5.25" X 3.75" (13.5 X 9.6 cm)

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Train Your Gecko Smarter

Step away from the things you don't like and let us help you maintain a clean enclosure with our Potty Pad .

Do You Need a Humid Hide for Gecko?

With simple snap you can now install our Potty Pad to our "Gecko Place" and you can now use for multiple things!

Need a Feces Scraper?

This is why we are here. Use our third Potty Pad for scraping down all the hard feces that are stuck on to glass and tubs