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Cushion Moss

$12.99 USD

Leucobryum glaucum

Cushion Moss is a live plant that features soft, plush green leaves that create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your reptile's habitat. It helps to retain moisture and creates a comfortable environment for your pet to rest and hide.

Caring for Cushion Moss is easy and requires minimal attention. It prefers to be kept in a moist, shady area with low to moderate light. It is tolerant of occasional drought and is suitable for use in a variety of reptile habitats. Simply mist the leaves with water every few days and avoid overwatering, and your Cushion Moss will thrive.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Cushion Moss has several benefits for reptile habitats. It helps to control humidity levels, prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, and provides a natural bedding for your pet. 

Care level: 3/10 (Easy)
Light: Low
Size: 8" x 4" X 1"

No Dyes or Preservatives.

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Cushion Moss

$12.99 USD