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Lawn Moss

$9.99 USD

Lawn Moss is like a vibrant, plush carpet that brings a slice of nature to your outdoor haven, perfect for reptile parents looking to create a cozy habitat. Its lush, velvety leaves provide a soft retreat for your scaly friends, offering a comfortable spot to rest and hide. Taking care of lawn moss is hassle-free and requires minimal attention, making it an ideal addition to your reptile's outdoor enclosure. It thrives best in a shady, moist environment with just the right amount of sunlight. Withstanding occasional dry spells, it's adaptable to various lawn conditions. Simply mist it every few days, being careful not to overwater, and watch it thrive. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, lawn moss boasts several benefits for your reptile's habitat. It helps regulate humidity levels, wards off harmful bacteria, and serves as a natural bedding option for your beloved pets.

Care level: 3/10 (Easy)
Light: Low
Size: 8" x 4" X 1"

No Dyes or Preservatives.

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Lawn Moss

$9.99 USD