Why do leopard geckos POOP IN THE SAME SPOT?

Why do leopard geckos POOP IN THE SAME SPOT?

If you have a pet, then you know how smelly or messy their poop can get sometimes.  But thankfully, with leopard geckos, there isn’t a whole lot of it to clean up, and is a lot more low maintenance compared to larger animals that tend to.

Leopard geckos are clean animals, and their bowel movements are no exception. Most of them will have a favorite potty spot. This is certainly something that a lot of leopard gecko parents like and the fact that it makes everything so much easier when it comes to cleaning and just keeping on top of things.  Also, their feces (poop) isn’t big at all, so cleaning becomes less work and super easy to clean.

Now, you may be asking, BUT WHY?

In nature, this is one way to survive. Usually, predators trace poop when they hunt for food. Pooping at a distance away from where they live has always helped avoid dangers. Also, this could make predators assume another species had gone ahead before they came so it is a great way to stay safe during the day when geckos are asleep.

Believe it or not, your leopard gecko wants to be clean just like you do. So why not train them if they are not trained? If your leopard gecko is pooping in multiple places, and you'd like to train them, then lay a few layers of toilet paper, paper towel, or Geckopia Potty Pad into the corner. Next, take all of the poop out from the tank and place it on top of those layers inside this corner. Leave this there for a few days and your gecko should associate with this spot as their toilet by then. It's literally that easy.

Keep in mind, not every gecko is going to get trained right away so try consistently until they get used to it. There’s nothing better than having a pet reptile that poops in one spot for its entire life. If you're looking for a potty pad that you can train, we recommend using this Potty Pad below~ 👇



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