Wholesale Special Package

(last update 12/25/2021)


We are now offering bulk leopard gecko packages of un-sexed geckos.


All geckos purchased within this package are divided into 4 different categories.

No individual pictures or specific genetics for wholesale.


Pet Class - Pet Quality $10 each (slight deformities that do not affect health (regen tails, slight tail deformities, overbites, eyes size, etc.)

A Class - Basic leopard geckos $30/each (normals, high yellows, and very basic morphs)

B Class - Mid-Level leopard gecko ($40/each) tangerines, stripes, tangerine albinos, bolds - SOLD OUT

C Class - Upper Mid-Level ($100/each) breeding leopard geckos. Midgrade tangerines, bolds, tangerine albinos, sunglows, snows, eclipse, etc


*Prices do not include shipping ( It may vary based on your location and size of the order.)


If you’re looking for exact genetics, please check our regularly available pages and order individually. This wholesale lot is only for pet stores and breeders looking to resell at shows or in-store.

Minimum wholesale lots available in quantities are 10 or more.

You can mix up the class to make up a total 10 to order.


This package deal lets you get Geckopia grade animals at a lower cost.

No individual pictures are provided at this price*


To place an order, please email us at Info@TheGeckopia.com along with class types, number of geckos, and address.