Leopard Gecko Care Sheet

When you just receive our Leopard Gecko we recommend putting them in a enclosure next 3-7 days without handling them. They would need some time to rest.

Belly Heat: 85F - 90F (Fall, Winter, and Spring Season) and 80F - 85F (Summer Season)

Water: We recommend providing them a water bowl (Geckopia Triple Dish) or spray water on side of the walls twice a week.

Food: Mealworms, Superworms, Waxworms, Hornworms, Dubia Roaches, Cricket, and more...

Vitamine & Calcium: We use Rep- Cal Supplements. Recommend 2:1 Ratio mix when you're dusting.

Housing: 10-gallon size tank preferred per one Leopard Gecko (Adult).

Substrate: We normally use kitchen towels or custom papers for Leopard Gecko. You may also use Eco Earth. Please note** Leopard Geckos must receive a belly heat from the ground. Thin layer substrate would be the best option for the substrate. To prevent impaction from ingesting certain types of substrate, we do not recommend sands.

p.s. Please Don't pair 2 males together, it could lead to a severe danger. 

"One Leopard gecko per enclosure is most recommended"